I am a visual artist and writer. I make work concerned with the blurring of fiction and reality, and the possibilities of what occupies the space in between, using performance, video, text, and installation. Some of it is funny. My work has been exhibited and performed internationally, in galleries and at art events, as well as at spoken word events, conventions, comedy gigs and major arts festivals. I am the author of two books, and co-writer and -performer of a sell-out Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Praise and other comments

‘It is very seldom you laugh out loud at an art show, but here it happens […] comical and accurate, but also holds a sharp point against society and artist myth.’ Sydsvenska, Sweden, review of Uncertain Triolectics and A Very Short Introduction to Nothing, 2012

‘With [Young] making light-hearted humour of a modern revolution of sorts, of pushing artists forward to make change, [is she] actually just mocking the inability of artists and audience to be modern revolutionaries?’ a-n magazine, review of Change the World Or Go Home, 2012

‘A delightful skewering of Art School hipster pretension’ Gawker, 2011

‘Deadpan comical musings‘ **** The Skinny, 2011

 ‘Perhaps too intelligent’ The Scotsman, 2011

‘Head-fucking…Pure nonsense’ Artvehicle, 2009

2 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Charlotte,

    I like your artist´s statement very much. I just wanted to send you the trailer of my documentary, because you said you like the stories …

    Good luck in Berlin !


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