We Won’t Rock You

Interview with James Ward, organiser of Boring 2010. In 3:Am Magazine, 30/11/10

It’s the Future, Jim, But Not as We Know It

in 3:AM Magazine, 05/08/10

Obscenity is Whatever Gives a Judge an Erection

in 3:AM Magazine, 22/06/10

The Commissioners of Lunacy

Introduction for Sir John Cass Department of Art and Media, Degree Show Catalogue, Summer 2009


Commission for Akerman Daly’s Flash 500 project


Karl St Bernard Lampenschwartz and Doktor Albirt Umber: The Biographical Notes

– Charlotte C. Young & Billy Childish

Death in the Gallery: Clem Fatale & Fatalism

– Charlie Warfield, signed by Charlotte Young as Charlie Warfield

Exhibition Catalogues

E-catalogue for OPEN PLAN microresidency, Departure Foundation, London 2013


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