Artist’s Statement


18 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement

  1. Awesome self-mockery! Love the humour and the straight face all the way thru; depicting a typical modern art artist being a little too full of him/herself. You’ll get lots of views over the next couple of months; mark my words!

    +1 for you!

  2. Thanks for this. Made my day as I plodded through my office job — I saw this on Gawker, nice one — look out for the traffic — I also shared on my blog —
    Are you ever in LA ~~~ (there should be a question mark here , but I spilt tea on my laptop over the weekend so I cannot delete or ask any questions, story of my week really)

  3. This is great Charlotte! I often try and use Art Bollocks to write artist statements, ha (okay not all the time..). I went to art school too (in NYC).. and often visited galleries and would always be wowed by some of the press releases. Statements get so wild and senseless that it sometimes more amusing that the artwork itself! I sometimes catch myself spending more time trying to explain my work then making work! Bullocks! (we don’t really use the word bullocks in New York.. it would translate to ‘bullshit’ / ‘bullshitting’ I guess)

  4. Hi Charlotte, your subversive video is making the facebook rounds among Irish artists and is truly appreciated. Indeed, it is a breath of fresh air for the many artists who are asphyxiated with Artspeak. Artspeak may well be an obsessive-compulsive disorder in people who fear the freedom of human creativity and it is very kind of you to help these people understand the symptoms of their problems.

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