Existential Territories, July 17th

Next up for me is this. I can’t be there in person unfortunately, so am sending a video message as my contribution:

Existential Territories
Saturday 17 July 2010, 7—9pm at FormContent
51–63 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP

Free event

For six months in 2009 Book Works ran the seminar series Existential Territories, looking at some of the boundary outposts of art practice encompassed by the idea of art-writing. No attempt was made to fix anything too clearly, rather the opposite: the seminars were exploratory, open and celebratory. Tightly structured, the events encouraged dialogue between the audience and panel, and were wide ranging, moving from writing as games, editing, performance, critical fiction, polymorphous prose, historical seizure, overflow of boundaries, and words ‘off the page’. A second series is planned for 2010-11.Existential Territories has been invited by FormContent to participate in the ongoing sound exhibition, HaVE A LoOk! HAve a Look! and hold a one off event. Seen as a bridge between series one and two, the event aims to consolidate ideas from the first, and imagine an expanded field for the second.

Responding to the questions: How do you see the relationship between the verbal and visual in your work? What is the place of writing in your work and how does it influence the images you make, and vice versa? What is your take on art-writing? – the relationship between art and text, or the visual and the verbal, is central, not as fixed or static but rather, as a fluid space of evolving practices. We anticipate a range of responses from readings, performance, dialogue, or visual presentation, no matter how oblique or experimental from:

David Burrows, Clunie Reid, Fiona Banner, John Russell, Harry Pye, Michael Dean, Paul Buck, with recorded or visual contributions from Margarita Gluzberg, Charlotte Young and Stewart Home.

Organised by Jeremy Akerman, Gavin Everall, with Paul Buck and Francesco Pedraglio.


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