I have been busy. Ish

I have just been instructed by a friend to update my blog, as to what I’ve ‘been up to’ as I have not done since January.

I have had 2 books published here: http://l-13.org/acatalog/BOOKS.html

I am currently writing my Edinburgh show called AUDI, VIDE, TACE which will be FUNNY and feature Van Gogh, Rupert the Bear and Richard Dawkins (not in person, you understand)

I met Professor Brian Cox and introduced myself to him as Martin’s BOYFRIEND. He left fairly soon after that.

I met Sir Norman Rosenthal who, for some reason, was in my house.

I have started painting again, images coming soon. Maybe.

I have starting photographing again, I have snazzy Russian Lomo Smena.

I have been to Berlin.

I’ve recovered from being hit by a car, but it has made me wheat and lactose intolerant.

My Grandad died.

That’ll do for now.


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